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Version 3.0 (Feb 03 2014)

Promote Control firmware update version 3.0 adds the following functions:


  • Remotely start, stop and change exposure (aperture, speed and ISO) both before and while recording. Supported cameras: Canon DSLRs capable of Live View and video recording
  • Perform a rack focus


  • Automatic switch to bulb mode - now with more cameras (Canon 5D Mark II, 7D, 1Dx and more)
  • Reverse order for HDR bracketing - take bracketed frames from highlights to shadows (longer to shorter exposures respectively), or vise-versa
  • Optional HDR bracket shifts (e.g. shoot an HDR sequence not around your mid exposure, but shifted up or down)


  • Repeated Time-Lapse - automatically repeat a Time-Lapse sequence e.g. every 24 hours, ad infinitum
  • Time-Lapse intervals as short as 1/10 of a second
  • Elect to set exposure on camera or with Promote Control

    Bulb Ramping

  • ND filters can now be specified up to 10EV and with 0.1EV precision
  • Enhanced precision of interval timer
  • Curve shifting - begin the ramping portion sooner or later than originally programmed
  • Pause ramping - pictures will continue to be taken, but exposures will remain the same while ramping is paused
  • Intervals can be measured from end of previous exposure to the start of next one. This prevents interval overruns, but may have an effect of your video speeding up or slowing down due to changing the effective interval (when ramping into longer or shorter exposures respectively). Due to this side effect, this interval measuring mode can also be used intentionally for interval ramping

    Focus Stacking

  • Focus Stacking with Nikon cameras. Note that because Nikon cameras disable their rear LCD while tethered, the only way to control Focus Stacking is via lens distance scale. See enclosed User Manual for more details.

    Sigma Support

  • Support for Sigma SD1/SD1 Merrill cameras. All modes except for Focus Stacking are available


  • "Save/restore camera settings" Setup Setting. If enabled, exposure will be restored to settings from before sequence began
  • Mode switching shortcuts - assign keyboard shortcuts for your favorite Promote Control modes
  • Battery status indicator
  • Nikon/Canon silent / quiet shutter modes are now supported

  • This download also includes a complete PDF manual that describes all features available in this firmware update.

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